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‘You all do the same thing, right?

Published on 26th October, 2015


Over the last couple of years, I’ve noticed an increasing change in the public’s perception when it comes to selling their home. I often hear……


You all do the same thing right?’

‘My house will sell itself !’

‘All I need is it to go on Rightmove’

‘What’s your fee ! That’s all I’m interested in ‘


Certainly since the last recession, we as a nation have become a lot more savvy when spending our hard earned cash. With the rise of the internet it’s made it easier to search out that elusive bargain on line and make sure you pay the right price. The same thing has happened in my industry, which I have worked in for almost 24 years.


We’ve had to adapt to a changing environment where it is easier now to sell a home online as everything is at a buyers and sellers fingertips.


What is a concern is that vendors assume once they’ve got their house on Rightmove and a for sale board in their garden, their house will sell itself? Right?


Wrong !

A good motivated estate agent will ensure your house is marketed to its biggest and best audience, which will guarantee you the best price. They will also make sure with experience, knowledge and professionalism the sale is held together through sales progression dealing effectively with solicitors,surveyors and stressful chains. A motivated estate agent literally is the glue which will hold a chain together.


So when you are deciding who will represent you in selling your home,  check out the competitors, weigh up their past successes, their experience, their desire to make sure they’ll get you the best price. Don’t just look at how much you can save on fee before considering all these factors.


If you’re only prepared to pay your professional agent less than probably one months mortgage payment, where’s the motivation when the going gets tough?

Would you really gamble with your most important asset????


Gordon Brown will always see your sale right through to the very end with professionalism, knowledge and enthusiasm. All we ask is a FAIR fee for a hard days work.



Now with the first photo , both drinks do exactly the same (to a degree) however once it’s finished and the parties over, only one will leave a bad taste in your mouth.


With the second photo, do you really think our previous clients partied on BUCKFAST?




Liam Wright

Managing Director

Gordon Brown Estate Agents

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