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Published on 27th July, 2018

Many people when they look to sell their home have high aspirations of their home selling within the first few weeks of it going on to the market and receiving offers close and if marketed correctly, over their asking price.

This is often common practice in the the more sought after area’s where demand is driven often by local schooling or the best amenities.

There are however, many houses which come to the market and for one reason or another haven’t sold within their anticipated window of opportunity and the buyers simply are put off viewing as they often assume there must be something wrong with the house or even the location.

The solution is to often look at the price and adjust it accordingly in order to achieve a slight kick-start and hopefully an interested party will come along and snap up the property at the renewed price. This often works however the seller has less control as the buyers are fully aware that the house has been reduced and know how long it has been on the market.

If this also fails, this is extremely difficult for a vendor to overcome as the house will naturally lose momentum and will go stale on the market.

Through experience this is where the control is often in the hands of any buyer who’s been keeping an eye on the house and notices it’s still up for sale. This is when offers will start to come in either way too low or not at all.

The vendor will only have a few options at hand and they will be limited to either;

1) Taking a lower offer which could hamper their onward affordability on their next home,

2) Removing their home from the market completely in order for them to relaunch it in a different season or

3) Change Estate Agents and give the house a complete fresh approach.

Don’t let buyers control the sale of your home!!!

This year Gordon Brown have been asked to help with several houses which have either stalled on the market with other agents and the buyers were simply starting to overlook their homes completely.

One house we have sold this March was on the market for 18 months and the lady hadn’t even had one single viewing since September 2017. When we visited this house in March our valuer simply looked at the house through the ‘eyes of a buyer’ and noticed a few mistakes the vendor was doing and helped them move furniture around and advised them of the best way to show future clients around her home.

This home subsequently sold within the first three weeks with a buyer who had recently registered through us.

We have also invested heavily in the best camera equipment and lenses on the market for our photography. So enhancing the home with far superior images actually made the home look more inviting online and would give any new buyers a much better first impression.

If you’re struggling with your current agent and interest has tailed off, or your agent doesn’t seem as enthusiastic about your home as they did in the first few weeks, then Gordon Browns may be able to help. We’re more than happy to discuss with you a fresh marketing approach to get you where you need to be this year.

Get a second chance at the right first impression !!

These houses attached have all been relaunched with us this year and have had a fantastic second chance to get the right first impression with Gordon Browns and are currently now either sold or under offer.

For help or advice on relisting your property, please speak to Liam, Cheryl or Jackie and we will be happy to discuss a way forward on 0191 487 4211

Liam Wright

Managing Director

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